Our mission

Connecting and enabling all people with diabetes to build a better and safer world for ALL



# Davor Skeledžija

Co-founder and CEO

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Davor is our driver of innovation and strategic thinking. He is an authentic and uncompromising creator of new values for the well-being of diabetics and their families.
# Ivo Polić

Co-founder, COO and CTO

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Ivo oversees and ensures that all of the technical processes, production, sales and personnel matters are effective and efficient. He is a team leader dedicated to the highest quality, continuous improvement and high goals.
# Daniel Pavlović

Co-founder and CMO

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Daniel is transforming ideas from the real world into the digital world. He is dedicated to using the opportunities provided by digitization, finding creative solutions and presenting them. But first of all he is always putting customers before everything else.
# Andrijana B. Skeledžija

Co-founder and CFO

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Andrijana is responsible for finance, controlling (ne controlling nego ili credit control ili management - nisam sigurna sto to znaci), treasury, audit, financial planning, and analysis. She is a big picture thinker with an analytical and result-oriented mindset.


Josip Čermin,
Former Viztek President

prof.dr.sc. Dubravka Jurišić-Eržen dr.med.,prim.