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The #1 safety app for diabetics

Every time you accidentally break your insulin pen, loose your blood test strips, lancets or sensors - a sophisticated app and a unique community of diabetics will be here to help you.

When a crisis occurs, you will turn the alarm in the application where you will write what you crucially need. The app is going to locate you and the rest of the closest DiaHelp community members and send help. The community members that can help, will answer and ensure the things that a person with diabetes can not live without.

As a part of this wonderful community, you will be in a position to help others, because helping is always in. Feel safe thanks to modern technology and a community of people that share the same burden - people with diabetes and their families.

Panic Button will always be here when you don’t feel well or you’re not sure what’s happening with your diabetes. Your loved ones will immediately find out that you need help and where you are. Not only your close ones, but the other members of DiaHelp community that are near, as well.

The DiaHelp App will also ensure you have access to the newest information from the world of diabetes. You will always be up to date with events and will have access to knowledge that will provide a better diabetes regulation. Developing and maintenance of this app is not cheap, it has to be on the best servers, always available and precisely locate a person in case of need. Still, we decided that it will be a gift to the Croatian diabetic community so that no diabetic person ever feels alone or afraid. Treat yourself with safeness and presence in a new diabetic community. Let’s build this community together. We are a small circle of great people that is growing.

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